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Man reunites with Gorilla he raised as his son VIDEO

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Such is life this is a touching story reminds me of something I read on the outhouse wall. It was how mexicans were the living proof the Indians mated with bisen.

this shit is some serious tear jerking stuff. i almost cried but i remembered i was a man and i have bacon running through my veins. 'MERICA!!

gorillas are not the worst animals on earth, wtf are you saying? chimps gang up and look for a lone chimp to kill for no reason. gorillas are one of the most peaceful animals on earth, unless you do something disrespectful and piss them off. people are more like chimps, they start problems for no reason, or for the fun of it, then they get shot to death, and wonder why don't people like me?

Patriots running back angry Lectra Saints win over the Steelers Eagles quasi buzzer

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NFL Preseason started the first week of part of the game, the New England Patriots 14-12 home win over the New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles home 24-23 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.
- Tom Brady and Drew - Brisbane do not have much playing time, Brady played only two rounds, a total of 15 attacks, a total of 4 times successfully pushed 30 yards passing, but also the Saints defensive end Feng will - Smith (Will Smith) off the ball under the body of the collision, even with such a performance, Smith was suspended for the bounty scandal, four regular season games can not be played. As left tackle Matt - Wright (Matt Light) retired, rookie Nate - Soldeu (Nate Solder) can not completely fill the gap.
Patriots highlight is the sophomore running back Shane - PVA (Shane Vereen) and Steven - Ridley (Stevan Ridley), polyvinyl alcohol make people completely forget already transfer to join Bengals Green - Ellis, 7 times the ball forward 62 yards, but also once the ball 10 yards, you know Villeneuve ran last season, a total of only 57 yards. But the Patriots still touchdowns passing attack, backup quarterback Brian - Hoyer (Brian Hoyer) red zone help Britt - Davis (Britt Davis) touchdowns.
Eagles coach Andy has not been - Reid (Andy Reid) the impact of the death of the eldest son, by virtue of a free kick home win over the Steelers, this 51-yard free-kick occurs 12 seconds left in the game when the Alex last season marked the main Sri Lanka - Henny li (Alex Henery) firmly scored. Eagles backup quarterback Nick - Falls (Nick Foles) outstanding performance, a man came two touchdowns, but a long pass, helping the team to recover the score, Michael - Vick (Michael Vick) played only two second attack on the fate of rest, because after the collision is feeling pain, underwent X-rays after the game to prove that rib was not injured. Last season the fans cried "class" Reid got enthusiastic support of the field, he returned to work on Wednesday, wide receiver DeShawn - Jackson said: "We want to make every effort to support the coach, I am also the fans grateful for the support. "

Saints win streak end Texans wide receiver help Cowboys win potential Rams

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NFL Preseason third week as the game continues, the new Orleans Saints end losing streak at home 34-27 victory over the Houston Texans. Home to the Dallas Cowboys 20-19, a win over the St. Louis Rams.
Texans challenged the Saints are an offensive war, first game each of the parties resorted to special skill. Texans, the two • running back Arian Foster (Arian Foster) and the • Tate (Ben Tate) each offer once rushing touchdowns, quarterback Matt • Schaub (Matt Schaub) on the face season passing yardage record breaking alliances • Drew Brees (Drew Brees) in two games completed 18 passes 15 times, to get 194 yards and a touchdown. Texans excellent defensive group failed to stop the Saints powerful offensive was the Saints came 269 yards, three touchdowns, rushed the ball 151 yards.
In contrast saints, through preseason two-game losing streak, the team urgently needed at home to win the game. Brisbane two matches completed 25 passes 17 times, to get 179 yards and two touchdowns, tight end Jimmy • Graham (Jimmy Graham) 3 catches, 48 yards and a harvest touchdowns. Tide swept away defense group gave up his six sack, eight pass from quarterback hit, and once off the ball back after forcing offensive touchdowns. The end of the straight, hold home.
Another game, Cowboys quarterback Tony • Romo (Tony Romo) in the first game ball to wide receiver Dwayne • Harris (Dwayne Harris), the latter long-range raid 61 yards touchdowns. When the final 45 seconds in the first quarter, the Cowboys advanced to the Rams halftime, Romo continued connection Harris, the second-year wide receiver has staged a stunning performance, the completion of 38 yards touchdowns. Romo in the game completed 13 passes nine times, harvest 198 yards, two touchdowns and a staggering 151.4 quarterback rating points. Harris 3 catches, 118 yards and completed two touchdowns.
Rams did not let the main running back Stephen • Jackson (Steven Jackson) played the game, did not share the ground offensive pressure. • quarterback Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) Cowboys defensive front face of enormous pressure, 17 passes completed six times, get 64 yards, 2 captured and killed.

Madden NFL 13 + NCAA Football 13 | Test Vidéo Complet | FR [HD]

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Test Madden NCAA Football

On se retrouve aujourd'hui pour un Toc Show concernant NFL 13 sur PS3. Fans de foot US, réjouissez-vous, la saison vient de reprendre ! Le moment est venu de sortir les chips et l'apéro (avec modération), et de graisser vos manettes. N'oubliez pas non plus d'inviter vos copines Cheerleaders et vos potes engagés comme mascottes, car NCAA Football 13 est également présent dans cette vidéo ;)

Merci à toi ça fait super plaisir ! Concernant mes vidéos, c'est un principe, je fais rarement plus d'une vidéo par jeu. Mais tu fais bien d'en parler car ça risque de changer. En effet j'ai prévu de faire une carrière suivie sur NCAA Football 14. En espérant que ça intéressera mes abonnés ;)

Falcons Away Eagles continue unbeaten Ryan three touchdowns Vic downturn

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In NFL2012 regular season game of the first eight weeks, the war had seven unbeaten Atlanta Falcons on the road to 30-17 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, extending their unbeaten record.
Prior to seven straight victories already Falcons build team best start in 47 years, while the Eagles team returned from the 1999 Andy - Reid coached the team in the offseason for the first time since the first weeks after the lost game balls. "Our performance is very bad," Reid said. "We need to do better and I I also need to do a better job and we have enough talent."
Matt - Ryan completed 29 passes 22 times, advancing 262 yards, three touchdowns, this is his first victory over his hometown team. Michael - Vick is not the real thing, but mediocre, completed 35 passes 21 times, advancing 177 yards, with one touchdown, three times captured and killed. "No matter what the coach to make a decision, I will indicate this point," When asked about the rookie quarterback Nick - Vollers is likely to replace him as a starter when Vick said. "I know they have done their best in the field."
Reid's Eagles in the opening quarter, 3 wins and 1 loss record has suffered a three-game losing streak after. Two of the leading case in the fourth quarter opponents reversed. Reid fired defensive coordinator therefore change - Castillo, but it looks like it does not work. Reid Hawks may have numbered the days, because team owner Jeffrey - Lu Lane in season ago, made ​​it clear that there is a 8-8 season would be "unacceptable."
Falcons wide receiver Julio - Jones 5 times the ball forward 123 yards with a touchdown. Hawks Le Xiaoen - McCoy ran a pick a contribution to two touchdowns.

Draft Leaked Picks and Grades Football 2013

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Through some back room sleuthing, SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein was able to get ahold of the top ten picks of the 2013 NFL Draft and issues grades and evaluations ahead of time.
if anyone wants to see the highlights of the top picks in the 2013 NFL Draft I'n Madden 13 then sub to my channel and post who you want Madden highlights of

america football Players Primed to Rewrite in 2013

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The 2012 NFL division saw the acknowledgment of one of the best abundant quarterbacks, a wideout top Jerry Rice's single-season almanac for accepting yards and a active aback appear aural a simple eight yards of attached the single-season almanac for hasty yards.
Those players, forth with a few others, may be in band for afterlight the history books in the accessible 2013 season.

Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning enters the year with 59,487 career casual yards. He's alone 1,874 yards abroad from before Dan Marino for No. 2 on the best casual backyard list. Brett Favre currently holds the top atom and is about 12,000 yards advanced of Manning.
Reaching Favre's almanac would yield Manning about addition four years. It's cryptic whether or not the 37-year old Manning has that abundant larboard in the tank, but casual Marino for best No. 2 would mark a cogent moment in Manning's career.
Even with alone one Super Bowl win beneath his belt, Manning will go down as one of the best quarterbacks to anytime play the game. The way he acclimated his ability of the bold to accomplish adjustments at the band of flat is legendary.