Falcons Away Eagles continue unbeaten Ryan three touchdowns Vic downturn

15. července 2013 v 5:52 | admiin
In NFL2012 regular season game of the first eight weeks, the war had seven unbeaten Atlanta Falcons on the road to 30-17 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, extending their unbeaten record.
Prior to seven straight victories already Falcons build team best start in 47 years, while the Eagles team returned from the 1999 Andy - Reid coached the team in the offseason for the first time since the first weeks after the lost game balls. "Our performance is very bad," Reid said. "We need to do better and I I also need to do a better job and we have enough talent."
Matt - Ryan completed 29 passes 22 times, advancing 262 yards, three touchdowns, this is his first victory over his hometown team. Michael - Vick is not the real thing, but mediocre, completed 35 passes 21 times, advancing 177 yards, with one touchdown, three times captured and killed. "No matter what the coach to make a decision, I will indicate this point," When asked about the rookie quarterback Nick - Vollers is likely to replace him as a starter when Vick said. "I know they have done their best in the field."
Reid's Eagles in the opening quarter, 3 wins and 1 loss record has suffered a three-game losing streak after. Two of the leading case in the fourth quarter opponents reversed. Reid fired defensive coordinator therefore change - Castillo, but it looks like it does not work. Reid Hawks may have numbered the days, because team owner Jeffrey - Lu Lane in season ago, made ​​it clear that there is a 8-8 season would be "unacceptable."
Falcons wide receiver Julio - Jones 5 times the ball forward 123 yards with a touchdown. Hawks Le Xiaoen - McCoy ran a pick a contribution to two touchdowns.

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