Man reunites with Gorilla he raised as his son VIDEO

29. července 2013 v 10:06 | admin

Such is life this is a touching story reminds me of something I read on the outhouse wall. It was how mexicans were the living proof the Indians mated with bisen.

this shit is some serious tear jerking stuff. i almost cried but i remembered i was a man and i have bacon running through my veins. 'MERICA!!

gorillas are not the worst animals on earth, wtf are you saying? chimps gang up and look for a lone chimp to kill for no reason. gorillas are one of the most peaceful animals on earth, unless you do something disrespectful and piss them off. people are more like chimps, they start problems for no reason, or for the fun of it, then they get shot to death, and wonder why don't people like me?

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.

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