Patriots running back angry Lectra Saints win over the Steelers Eagles quasi buzzer

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NFL Preseason started the first week of part of the game, the New England Patriots 14-12 home win over the New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles home 24-23 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.
- Tom Brady and Drew - Brisbane do not have much playing time, Brady played only two rounds, a total of 15 attacks, a total of 4 times successfully pushed 30 yards passing, but also the Saints defensive end Feng will - Smith (Will Smith) off the ball under the body of the collision, even with such a performance, Smith was suspended for the bounty scandal, four regular season games can not be played. As left tackle Matt - Wright (Matt Light) retired, rookie Nate - Soldeu (Nate Solder) can not completely fill the gap.
Patriots highlight is the sophomore running back Shane - PVA (Shane Vereen) and Steven - Ridley (Stevan Ridley), polyvinyl alcohol make people completely forget already transfer to join Bengals Green - Ellis, 7 times the ball forward 62 yards, but also once the ball 10 yards, you know Villeneuve ran last season, a total of only 57 yards. But the Patriots still touchdowns passing attack, backup quarterback Brian - Hoyer (Brian Hoyer) red zone help Britt - Davis (Britt Davis) touchdowns.
Eagles coach Andy has not been - Reid (Andy Reid) the impact of the death of the eldest son, by virtue of a free kick home win over the Steelers, this 51-yard free-kick occurs 12 seconds left in the game when the Alex last season marked the main Sri Lanka - Henny li (Alex Henery) firmly scored. Eagles backup quarterback Nick - Falls (Nick Foles) outstanding performance, a man came two touchdowns, but a long pass, helping the team to recover the score, Michael - Vick (Michael Vick) played only two second attack on the fate of rest, because after the collision is feeling pain, underwent X-rays after the game to prove that rib was not injured. Last season the fans cried "class" Reid got enthusiastic support of the field, he returned to work on Wednesday, wide receiver DeShawn - Jackson said: "We want to make every effort to support the coach, I am also the fans grateful for the support. "

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