Saints win streak end Texans wide receiver help Cowboys win potential Rams

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NFL Preseason third week as the game continues, the new Orleans Saints end losing streak at home 34-27 victory over the Houston Texans. Home to the Dallas Cowboys 20-19, a win over the St. Louis Rams.
Texans challenged the Saints are an offensive war, first game each of the parties resorted to special skill. Texans, the two • running back Arian Foster (Arian Foster) and the • Tate (Ben Tate) each offer once rushing touchdowns, quarterback Matt • Schaub (Matt Schaub) on the face season passing yardage record breaking alliances • Drew Brees (Drew Brees) in two games completed 18 passes 15 times, to get 194 yards and a touchdown. Texans excellent defensive group failed to stop the Saints powerful offensive was the Saints came 269 yards, three touchdowns, rushed the ball 151 yards.
In contrast saints, through preseason two-game losing streak, the team urgently needed at home to win the game. Brisbane two matches completed 25 passes 17 times, to get 179 yards and two touchdowns, tight end Jimmy • Graham (Jimmy Graham) 3 catches, 48 yards and a harvest touchdowns. Tide swept away defense group gave up his six sack, eight pass from quarterback hit, and once off the ball back after forcing offensive touchdowns. The end of the straight, hold home.
Another game, Cowboys quarterback Tony • Romo (Tony Romo) in the first game ball to wide receiver Dwayne • Harris (Dwayne Harris), the latter long-range raid 61 yards touchdowns. When the final 45 seconds in the first quarter, the Cowboys advanced to the Rams halftime, Romo continued connection Harris, the second-year wide receiver has staged a stunning performance, the completion of 38 yards touchdowns. Romo in the game completed 13 passes nine times, harvest 198 yards, two touchdowns and a staggering 151.4 quarterback rating points. Harris 3 catches, 118 yards and completed two touchdowns.
Rams did not let the main running back Stephen • Jackson (Steven Jackson) played the game, did not share the ground offensive pressure. • quarterback Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) Cowboys defensive front face of enormous pressure, 17 passes completed six times, get 64 yards, 2 captured and killed.

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