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Offensive tackles Eric - Fischer completed from the Central University of Michigan to become 2013NFL draft pick of the journey. Kansas City Chiefs in the U.S. local time on April 25 evening conducted 2013NFL draft first overall selection in the first round of the Fischer.
Chiefs new head coach Andy - Reid likes Previously he coached the Philadelphia Eagles in the system established, he hopes Chiefs and Eagles are also the same, for example, has Tela - Thomas and Jon - as offensive tackles Runyan Feng, Fischer up to 2 meters tall, and athletic ability than the previous two more.
Generally optimistic about the outside world before the draft draft pick in Fischer and Texas A & M University's offensive tackles Luke - Qiao Keer between. Chiefs eventually chose Fischer, and his athletic ability to make Chiefs senior impressed, they think he has a broader space for development. Chiefs this offseason on the offensive group transformation is very compelling, first with a big contract they retain Dwyane - abalone. After they traded for quarterback Alex - Smith and signed tight end Anthony - Fasano, there running back Jamal - Charles.
Fischer became champion show a lot of people by surprise, including himself. "I still can not believe it," Fischer told NFL Radio Network interview.
At the Senior Bowl in January this year during the outside world generally are not optimistic Fischer also able to enter the draft before ten. But his outstanding performance in the week to show people that he can best defensive frontline players locked. The question now is Fischer as a rookie offensive line will appear in the left or the right.
Chiefs and Dolphins still label the players on the counterparty offensive tackle Brandon - Albert negotiate the issue, but did not pick transaction can be completed. But this is the NFL Draft, surprise is part of it, the draft before the end of anything can happen.

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krásný blog :)prosím jukni ke mně,mám nový blog a tak by jsem byla strašně ráda za tvou návštěvu i za koment :)

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