Manning will be the first team to put the interests of his voluntary restructuring agreement Cruz

15. srpna 2013 v 11:41 | ADMIN
New York Giants quarterback Eli - Manning (Eli Manning) said that if you can help the team retain wide receiver Victor - Cruz, he is willing to restructuring his contract.

"If the Giants want me to do something, I am willing to do my best to help the team," Manning said in an interview. "It depends on the Giants, and they want me to do what I am willing to team better and win more titles and do anything."
Manning said he read the newspaper every day to see if there is a restricted free agent Cruz team to provide a contract. Giants Cruz paste used for the first round of settlement, so they will have the right to match any team offered him a contract, and if they choose not to match the other team's contract, then signed and Cruz will have to pay a first team round pick to the Giants as compensation.
Cruz since the start of last season and the team had been hoping to sign a long-term contract extension, but has not been successful. Cruz did not get the other team if the contract provided that he would at least be a season for the team and have the time to continue to renew the contract with the team to negotiate.
Manning the new season of the basic salary of $ 13 million, in 2015, his contract will expire after the season.

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