Ravens then lost productive catcher injured have been the number one tight end season

5. srpna 2013 v 8:58 | Dennis Pitta
Baltimore Ravens tight end Dennis - Pita (Dennis Pitta) in Saturday's training hip joint dislocation, after surgical treatment have been identified will miss the entire 2013 season.
Pita in training and security guard in James - Yixierde Dibo (James Ihedigbo) were injured in the collision, the injured lying on the ground after a few minutes he was later lifted from the training ground.
Pitta is about to enter its own effectiveness as Ravens fourth season, last season he had 61 catches for 669 yards and seven touchdowns. Pita in the playoffs with 14 catches for 163 yards and three touchdowns.
Pitta season, the Ravens have lost last season, two of the most productive catcher. Pitta's 61 catches and Ray - Rice tied for second place in the Ravens, while the team's top catcher Ankan - Boulding has been traded to the San Francisco 49ers.
Ravens have already started looking for a replacement for pita, according to sources former Minnesota Vikings tight end Weisang Te - Xiang Ke (Visanthe Shiancoe) is one of the candidates. Ravens reportedly injured in a pita even had to consider before signing Xiang Ke. Xiang Ke last season only played four games, did not catch the ball.
First three NFL seasons participated in 43 regular-season games, Pitta catches for 1,075 yards with 102 and 10 touchdowns.

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