Union decided to keep the Pro Bowl while discussing a variety of new reforms

15. srpna 2013 v 11:41 | Admin
NFL President Roger - Goodell said Wednesday that the Pro Bowl will continue this season, competition will take place is still in Hawaii, the game time or in the week before the Super Bowl.
Goodell said on a conference at the team owner he had considered the All-Star Game canceled plans to next year's January 26 at Aloha Stadium continue. Goodell said he has been this year's Pro Bowl game players demonstrated by the level of encouragement. "This year's tournament they obviously paid a very positive effort." Goodell said.
In order to increase the fun of Pro Bowl, NFL team owners have discussed this week can improve the quality of the game some of the choices. Union discussed a number of All-Star Game reform measures, including the selected players will participate in the "trials" concept. In the "trials" concept, the team captain will be specified, and they will be involved in the selection of the team players, the players will be in the Pro Bowl selection process before the game broadcast live on television.
Goodell added that the system chosen by the player will not change, but will be considered by the team captain to choose what they want to have the players, rather than the previous AP vs National League mode. "For example, by the Peyton - Manning to select a team, and Eli - Manning select another team." Goodell said.
NFL also discussed a number of cities to take turns holding the Pro Bowl may be, for example, Felix, in New Orleans, or it may be newly built stadium in San Jose.

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