Eli in the opener also has a good performance, passing 450 yards with four touchdowns

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Cowboys also face a lot of problems, in two consecutive seasons 8-8 after the third consecutive year, unable to enter the playoffs. Cowboys coaching staff made ​​a significant change, with the Monte - Kiefen (Monte Kiffin) replaced the original defensive coordinator Rob - Ryan (Rob Ryan), and by a 3-4 to 4-3 defense Zhenshi defensive Zhenshi . This means that the need for greater defensive contributors on the front, but the key player in this game was marked by a question mark. Last year, the best team with 11 tackles sack Anthony - Spencer (Anthony Spencer), is now trying to overcome knee surgery and other injuries. Can he play remains uncertain.
Beginning in the second quarter when a punt returner in Jacoby - Jones (Jacoby Jones) were injured teammate leave, the collision led to the name of wide receiver and return specialist will attack injury 4-6 weeks. If this occurs in the New York Jets, the laughing stock of each team will be ridiculed at least a year. Do not forget to crow offseason also bid farewell to the former Super Bowl winning hero wide receiver Ankan - Boulding (Anquan Boldin), and now he will be brought to the San Francisco talent.

Eli in the opener also has a good performance, passing 450 yards with four touchdowns, although there are also three steals. He hoped that the Giants face the Broncos at home this week when his brother not to repeat the first week of crazy performance. "Now you can do is hope that he has exhausted his first week in good condition." Eli said.

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