Former Redskins player on NFL settlement

2. září 2013 v 8:17
Former Redskins player Clinton Portis weighs in on the NFL settlement of $765 million for head injuries in the sport.

I'm a big nfl fan but your getting paid millions of dollars free education from university no one said to play in for those many years . Players fault spending all thier money on girls cars big houses . Your rich not wealthy . Might as well make it flag football

Nice muscles & working out. They say relations are in the sport as well & NFL... yes it was not I on tv & spoke with a "Rick" she had said.
Feds Employees think it was other Feds Employees/Dof Defense and with more to investigate about.

I ...never....could ssee why ...said Hillary & Bill, Obamas, etc... ?
why when 911 was done immediately, when Waco & 1st bombings were done immediately? Why when they can just go 'on tv and pretend to be the Candise from HUD Buffalo NY Loan Servicer who had a 1992 Prophecy' and therefore no one was drugged at HUD Buffalo by Kadafi/Libya and other enemy combatants?
no. 15 yrs investigations after 2001 & they drugged/ATT-ACKED Laura Bush.
Elderly said ...they don't get no money ! Get over it.

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