Gap will decide GABBERT Sunday QB openers

9. září 2013 v 5:16 | Blaine Gabbert
Look at Blaine Gabbert with dozens of buttons, the hundreds through this week, Jacksonville Jaguars still not ready to declare him enough healthy season opener.
Coaches listed Gabbert Gus Bradley as questionable for Sunday against Kansas City, and added that the former first-round pick will likely be a Sunday decision.
"We encourage we see from Blaine Gabbert," Bradley said Friday. "I think he has taken measures in the right direction, but it is too early and it may be all the way until the game, until we can get a chance to see him, how he did in that."
Gabbert recover from hairline fracture in his right thumb. He missed the final two preseason games because of injuries already deal with the pain and weakening control.
But he has been able to with little or no obvious problems this week, a positive signal, he will be able to start against the leaders.
"He is not one hundred percent, there may be some soreness in his hands, but like I mentioned earlier, it can not be worse, so he can deal with that little bit of pain," said Bradley .

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