This Cowboys and Saints game has a similar thing.

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This Cowboys and Saints game has a similar thing. Saints coach Sean - Payton before the game interview asserted that to strengthen the ground offensive , so pass run equilibrium . Given the Saints last week against the Jets , when it ran a total of 13 times , the main running back Pierre - Thomas in the field , not before a second rushing touchdowns , Payton This, it seems to say that it is not too may become a reality.
Next time someone tells you something is impossible , it is recommended Henchou this person a slap in the face . Or wait until after the end of things , Henchou own ears . Saints of the game ran 242 yards rushing , a total of three times rushing touchdowns , rushed ran alone got the 15 first attack . With this set of data , the article is actually the end of a sentence can be combined : The following omit a thousand words .
But our story does not end there , because the main character has not played .
The first protagonist is Saints running back Mark - Ingram . This person is the 2009 Heisman Award winner , the prize in the online alias : kill people award. Ingram be killed by this award , burdened with the reputation and the expectations of countless people , gradually reduced to a third in the Saints running back .
But in this highly anticipated " Sunday Night Race ", the Ingram completely broke . He rushed the ball 14 times forward 145 yards , scored a touchdown, rushed the ball every time Size up 10.4 yards ! And the number one running back Thomas harvest the first year of the individual rushing touchdowns , and he did not mean code Ingram scary, but enough to eat people : 5.1 yards .

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