Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers did not rule out Sunday

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Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers did not rule out Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons star quarterback has not been broken since although you can play a month ago on his left collarbone medicine.2013 Cheap Jerseys
Packers coach Mike McCarthy said Rodgers will practice Wednesday in a limited fashion, but backup Matt Flynn will start shooting.
"Aaron want to play, no doubt," McCarthy said. "But this is a medical condition, he had a clear understanding that he was to return to the process, he feels good, we went to see what he can do tomorrow."Cheap Trade Nike NFL Jerseys
Tuesday night on his weekly radio program, Rogers confirmed that he had an x-ray, CT scan earlier in the day and acknowledged that the outlook is not as promising as he hoped when he met with team physician Dr. Qi Pat McCann .
"I saw the x-rays and scans," Rogers said. "We are now four weeks and one day from my fracture, I made ​​a lot of progress. Lot just bone healing. Bones need three to six weeks to heal and we all hope that our short-term bonds.Cheap NFL Men's Custom Jerseys

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